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April 2014


Join the Recycled Racers Greyhound Walking Club

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Every Saturday of the month we host a fun Greyhound dog walk usually starting at 9:00am.  Anyone may join us as we take a 1 hour walk with our dogs.  We usually walk at different locations each Saturday.  Its great fun and good exercise for us humans and the Greyhounds.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, learn more about Greyhounds and socialize.  Have some fun, get exercise and join our Greyhound Walking Club on Saturday.

Dog Walk Info

DATE:  Saturday, 4/26/2014

TIME:  9:00am

LOCATION: The Greyhound walk this Saturday will be at Washington Park in Denver, weather permitting.  We will park at South High School which is at 1700 E. Louisiana, just south of the park. 

DIRECTIONS: For directions from your location, go to and enter: Washington Park, Denver, Colorado.

2014 Membership Drive

Get a thank you gift while helping Greyhounds

100% of our support comes from grants and concerned people like you who really understand the time it takes to run a 501(c)3 non profit and the money it takes to transport, feed, and pay for spay/neuters, dentals, vaccinations and all needed medical care for the ex-racing Greyhounds in our foster/adoption program until adoptive homes can be found.  Please help our Greyhounds and our small non profit continue the work of finding retired racing Greyhounds permanent homes.  We need your donations to help these special dogs in need.

If you are a new adopter, please join us as a member today!  If you are a past member then please renew your tax deductible Recycled Racers membership.  If you have never adopted an ex-racing Greyhound we would be honored to have your support as a member of Recycled Racers.  Your tax deductible membership will make the difference for a homeless Greyhound and you will get a thank you gift!  Click this 2014 membership link to help! THANK YOU!

Join our Volunteer Team!

We are looking for new volunteers who want to have fun, meet people and promote Greyhound adoption and Recycled Racers.  Join us and make new friends!

Have your name & email address added to the Recycled Racers Volunteer email list by: texting or calling 303-908-3675 or email us at

Greyhound Foster Homes Needed

We are happy to announce that we have closed our adoption kennel and have transitioned to a 100% foster home adoption program!!  We need individuals or families to foster a Greyhound in their home until the dog can be adopted.  We will provide foster homes with an extra large dog crate, free dog food for the duration of the foster period, dog feeding stations, leash, Greyhound safety collar, ID tags, kennel muzzle, Greyhound information book, and our Greyhound Care Manual.  We will take care of the foster Greyhound's vet needs during the duration of the foster period.

A Recycled Racers Rep will visit your home and explain the requirements of becoming a qualified Greyhound foster home and answer any questions you may have.  All you need to provide is plenty of love and a safe and responsible foster home for a homeless Greyhound.  Please consider becoming a foster home so that we can save even more Greyhounds and continue the work to find every retired racing Greyhound a good home.  Call or text 303-908-3675 for Foster Application and more information.


Recycled Racers invites people and their foster and adopted Greyhounds to attend the monthly Meet-n-Greets at participating Petco locations once a month.  It is fun!  You bring your Greyhound and get to talk to interested people who want to learn about Greyhounds and how to foster and adopt one.  The Meet-n-Greets last just 2 hours once a month and your Greyhound will love getting to spend time with the other Greyhounds at the Meet-n-Greet.  Please call Marnie at 303-908-3675 to learn about this fun volunteer opportunity!

Donations We Need:

We appreciate donations of extra large dog crates, dog beds, used dog coats, toys, raised feeding bowles and dog biscuits.  These donations go to the foster Greyhounds in our care and are also given to adopters when they have need.

Contact Information

If you have recently driven past our old kennel and wondered where we are, don't worry!  We closed our kennel at the end of 2011 and are now a 100% foster home program!  You can contact us by using the information below:

Mailing address: PO Box 1665, Commerce City, Co. 80037

Phone as of 2011: 303-908-3675

Fax: 303-922-3577


About Us:

Recycled Racers, Inc. has been a small 501(c)3 nonprofit organization since 1993.  We are dedicated to the placement of retired racing Greyhounds into responsible, loving homes.  Since our inception in 1993, we have placed over 1,500 Greyhounds!  Every adoption is important to us.  We try to make every effort to match the personality of the Greyhound with the potential owner.  We enjoy keeping in touch with our Greyhound adopters and their hounds through their participation in our adopters events held through out the year.

Racing Greyhounds are usually not very old, when they become available for adoption.  They are typically 2 to 5 years of age when they retire and have an average life span of 12 to 14 years.  Occasionally, we get younger dogs who were not interested in chasing the lure or an older dog who is retired from breeding.  Racing Greyhounds are purebred dogs which are registered through the NGA (National Greyhound Association).

Greyhounds in our new 100% foster home program have their health checked, are spayed or neutered, have their rabies, distemper vaccinations updated and receive a dental cleaning, nail trim and bath prior to being placed into a qualified foster home until they can be adopted.  Each foster home is provided with an extra large dog crate, free dog food for the duration of the Greyhound's foster period, dog feeding bowls, leash, Greyhound safety collar, ID tags, kennel muzzle, Greyhound information book, our Greyhound Care Manual, and plastic kennel muzzle.  Our adoption fee is $175.00 which is applied to the above costs.  Each adopter gets a wonderful Greyhound with a professional quality 6-foot leash, matching tag collar, matching Martingale Greyhound safety collar, ID tags, kennel muzzle and our Greyhound Care Manual.

We get to know each and every dog's personality very well.  This constant contact helps us place each Greyhound into a situation that is right for the dog.  Our hope is that each Greyhound adopted out will blossom into a true family member in their new home.  The well being of each Greyhound in their new adoptive home is very important to us, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Soon you will find out what thousands of Greyhound adopters already know, that Greyhounds make fast friends!  If you are interested in adopting a retired racing Greyhound then read our How To Adopt a Greyhound web page.

If you can't adopt a retired racer at this time, but are interested in helping Greyhounds, then please read our How to Help web pages.  Thank you very much for visiting our web site and learning about this special breed!

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